Saturday, 15 December 2012

Generation X and Y

Generation “Y”
Recently a blogger, Eona, asked “What does it mean to be young in today's modern society?”
Answers ranged from an academically motivated “To be under the age of 35”, to philosophical “It means having to try very hard to be true to who you are and not give into peer pressure” even a negative “It means to be hated by every other age group and the Government... nobody likes young people” to the outright hilarious “It means you missed out on Kentucky Fried Chicken with eleven different herbs and spices, bacon and eggs to die for and fish and chips that were better than any orgasm you ever had!”
Generation “Y” had the luxury of using calculators in the classroom. Just as they became teenagers they were introduced to Cell phones, and when they graduated from university the first Smartphone’s were launched. They could explain Y2K compliance to another “Y” in less than 20 words, and think monochrome is a rare earth mineral.
They live in the midst of the “super highway”, can navigate the World Wide Web as if it is their local suburb and will not be able to read a map. Generation Y is genetically modified to speak in Computer. Or so it seems.
They have heard of Marilyn Munro but are not sure if she was a character in Beauty and the Beast or real life princess.
Generation “X”
Generation X youngsters, those born roughly between 1965 and 1980 will forever refer to themselves as the happy generation and strives to remain forever young.
They still believe leg warmers are cool, know who shot J.R and were not allowed to see The Blue Lagoon when it came out. Walkmans were a technological marvel and they witnessed the rotary phone being replaced with a push button phone.
For them all mathematical answers were written on the ceiling, owned a Casio wristwatch, knows Enya is not a medical procedure and still don’t understand what the Y2K fuzz was all about.


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